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Yatsuhashi (八つ橋) is one of Kyoto's best known "meibutsu" (Japanese term for popular products particularly associated with specific cities or regions) and is normally bought as a souvenir sweet. 

Yatsuhashi has two variants:

(1) Dough is flattened and baked. (You will receive this type in our Kyoto Souvenir Box)

(2) Unbaked and flavored together usually with Red Bean Paste or Green Tea Powder. This is called "Nama Yatsuhashi" literally translated as "raw yatsuhashi".

Ingredients: glutinous rice flour, sugar, cinammon

Nama Yatsuhashi



Konpeito is a Japanese sugar candy. They come in various colors for design but normally the colors do not affect the flavor. It was originally introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century but now has evolved to be a traditional Japanese sweet to locals. Konpeito often appears in Japanese popular culture. For example, Konpeito appeared in Studio Ghibli's blockbuster movie "Spirited Away" in 2001.

Main Ingredients: Sugar, water

Shot from Studio Ghibli's "Spirited Away" (2001)


Matcha (抹茶) is made from specially grown and processed green tea. Matcha has 10 times more nutritional content than normal green tea and is widely popular in Uji City in Kyoto. Uji city is known in Japan as the city to have the most delicious matcha. 

You will receive the famous and authentic green tea from Uji, Kyoto in our souvenir box!

Green Tea (Matcha) plantation in Uji City



Kyoto is famous in Japan for Matcha (Green Tea) and many snacks and sweets have Matcha flavor. You will receive Matcha flavored chocolates in our Kyoto souvenir box. Since Matcha is very healthy, you'll get to enjoy your chocolates without worrying too much about your health.  

Examples of commercial snacks using Matcha flavor

Mystery Kyoto Traditional Snack

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Hints: Maiko, Kimono, Crackers

Mystery Kyoto Traditional Sweets

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Mystery Kyoto Souvenir Item #1

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Hints: Green, Refreshing, Relaxing

Mystery Kyoto Souvenir Item #2

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Hints: Traditional, Photographic, Kyoto