Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan is famous for many world heritage sites such as temples, shrines, and castles. Kyoto is also known to be the place where modern technology can co-exist together with traditional Japanese culture.

For the past several years, Kyoto has become a favorite and popular tourist attraction for both local and international tourists.

Whenever we travel, aside from the pictures, selfies, and amazing scenery we also look forward to the local souvenirs that the place has to offer. Here are some of the amazing souvenirs that Japan’s ancient capital has to offer:

1. Matcha Food

Uji City in Kyoto Prefecture is well-known in Japan to have the best matcha leaves and produces the most delicious matcha. That’s why its no wonder to find all kinds of matcha flavored food around Kyoto.
Matcha (Green Tea) Flavored Ice Cream. Average cost around 500 Yen.
Matcha Drink (Cafe Latte, Tea, etc.) Costs around 300 to 700 Yen
Matcha Sweets (Pudding, Parfait, Cake, etc.) Can cost up to 1,500 Yen

2. Kimono (Japanese Traditional Dress)

You can find a lot of Kimono shops in Kyoto. There are also many shops where you can rent a kimono and get to wear it around Kyoto for one day (usually costs around 3,000 Yen). As of May 2017, Kyoto has a Kimono Passport campaign wherein people who dress up in kimono in Kyoto can avail of discounts and special privileges in participating shops, temples, shrines, and other tourist attractions in Kyoto.
For more information on Kimono Passport check out:

Kimono Shops in Kyoto

There is also a “Kimono Forest” located in Arashiyama where your kimono can definitely blend in with the kimono pillars.

Kimono Forest in Arashiyama, Kyoto. Admission is Free.

3. Traditional Kyoto Candies

Kyoto offers various traditional and cute designs of candies. You can find flower shaped candies, star-shaped, fruit-shaped, and other traditional designs. Most of these candies are handmade.

Kyoto Kawaii Candy Designs
Konpeito. Japanese Sugar Candy
Kyoto assorted candy
Kyoto candy. Character design candy by Candy Show Time in Gion.

4. Kokeshi, Japanese Traditional Dolls

Various kokeshi dolls are sold in the streets of Gion, the shopping district of Kyoto City. Prices varies. Some are affordable around 1,000 yen while others can be very expensive depending on the brand and the material used.

Japanese doll
Japanese dolls. Kokeshi, daruma, and beckoning cats.
Some kokeshi dolls are also designed for famous anime characters such as Doraemon.

5. Furoshiki, Japanese traditional wrapping cloth

Furoshiki is commonly used in Japan to wrap things such as bento (packed lunch), clothes, gifts and the like. Check out the amazing traditional furoshiki designs available at Kyoto.

Kyoto furoshiki designs.
Kyoto wrapping cloth.

6. Kyoto Stationery 

For traditional Japanese culture lovers! Don’t miss out to get the awesome traditional designed stationery products sold in the streets of Kyoto.

Kyoto masking tapes.
Japanese traditional envelopes.
Kyoto traditional magnets.
Traditional (maiko) bookmarks.
Japanese style design memo pads.

7. Kyoto Traditional Pouch, Purse, and Bags

The quality of materials (especially the cloth) used in making the traditional pouches, purses, and bags in Kyoto make you feel like a princess! Likewise, the designs are also very intricate and detailed. Cute “kawaii” designs are also very popular with the ladies.

Cute designed pouches.
Kyoto traditional purses.
On the other hand, if you are looking for high-class products, luxury bags are also available in Gion district of Kyoto City.

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