Join Ken, Erika, Hana and Hiro as they solve riddles to discover Japan's hidden gems, tourist attractions, world heritages and explore Japanese culture and tradition!

Japan Travel Club


The My Hikari Japan Travel Club is composed of 4 second-year high school students Ken, Erika, Hana, and Hiro. Together they solve riddles sent by their "mysterious" mentor Dr. Hakase in order to get rewards. The riddles are referring to places in Japan and the team has to do challenges that Dr. Hakase has prepared for them there. Join My Hikari Club as they solve each riddle and discover the amazing places and rich culture in Japan!

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, School, Daily Life, Travel, Fantasy
Release Date: July 2017
Status: On-going
Latest chapter: Chapter 1

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Dr. Hakase’s first riddle leads the team to Kyoto City Japan! Riddle Hints: A balcony, white foxes, love stones, and more!

Release Date

July 15, 2017